2015 / 07 / 16

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On 16 July 2015, I was informed that I had been awarded a Creation "C" Grant from the New Brunswick Arts Board (artsnb).

The "C" category of grants is "for emerging artists who are striving to achieve a professional level in their discipline and who can demonstrate their commitment to the development of specialized skills or knowledge in their discipline as well as their commitment to the achievement of a professional level in their discipline through training, mentorship or peer recognition, and who are producing a growing repertoire or body of work".

A complete list of recipients from the April 2015 competition, as well as a more detailed description of the Creation Grant program, is available on the artsnb website.

My goals are to further develop and hone a unique and personal artistic vision, which emphasizes a minimalist and fine art approach to landscape photography. I seek to: represent typical vistas in atypical ways; capture alternate perspectives of iconic views; isolate and emphasize smaller elements within a scene; and, reduce scenes to forms, patterns or colours. When possible, I prefer multiple visits to ensure I can photograph my subjects in the desired combinations of light, weather and season, or to capture them in varying conditions, thereby demonstrating an evolution of subject and the fluidity of a static medium. I would like to end the project with approximately 20 minimalist and/or fine art landscape photographs consisting of two to four series of 5 to 10 images each, one of which will result from my artistic residency in June. In the long term, this project will help to: provide a stronger direction for my larger body of work; expand my portfolio both generally and through the creation of multiple series; and, promote greater interest in my work. The bulk of the work is expected to take place between April and October 2015. Project Description

Photos and Prints

Photographs available for purchase as open or limited edition prints will appear in one or more of the Fine Art Prints, Fine Art Series, or General Interest Prints section of this website.

Some of the images created during the project period may be posted to my Instagram Account using the hashtag #experienceartsnb.


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This activity is supported by the New Brunswick Arts Board. Cette activité est soutenue par le Conseil des arts du Nouveau-Brunswick.