Lonely Sea - Evolve

Series - Limited Edition Fine Art Prints


  • Print Dimensions: 24 x 16 inches
  • Framed Dimensions: 31.5 x 24.25 inches
  • Edition Size: 5
  • Price - Unframed: 500.00
  • Price - Framed: 850.00


Lonely Sea - Evolve is a series of four fine art photographs. They were taken during a single session, over a period of one hour, at roughly 15 minute intervals. The first image was created approximately 45 minutes before sunset, and the final image about 20 minutes after sunset.

The series is part of an on-going desire to demonstrate the evolution of a subject and the fluidity of a static medium. Photography is often thought of as the capture of a moment, singular and brief. But no two moments are ever the same. Even if the subject is fixed and unchanging, the weather and light are in constant flux. When the interval between shots is fleeting – a few seconds, perhaps a few minutes – the differences may be subtle, even imperceptible. However, with the passage of greater amounts of time, the changes are much more pronounced.

This concept developed, in part, from my Moncton Sunsets personal project. I've continued to employ it with other subjects. In this case, the same location was used for the Lonely Sea - Merge fine art series, which employed the much shorter time-frame of just one minute. Examined separately, the two series demonstrate how a scene can develop, evolve, and change over relatively short periods of time. Together, they demonstrate how a scene can change when visited months apart, and captured in different light and weather.

Lonely Sea - Evolve #1

Lonely Sea - Evolve #2

Lonely Sea - Evolve #3

Lonely Sea - Evolve #4